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Why Do I Need a Tree Surgeon?

Trees add a great deal to the overall appearance of a garden. They can add architectural interest, structure and even year-round appeal as they blossom in summer or for evergreens, keep their foliage throughout the bleak winter months. They offer shade when the sun’s strong, not only for the people using the garden but for other, lower lying plants. Planted in the correct locations, they can even give your garden privacy from being overlooked. 

However, trees are living, growing things and keeping up with their maintenance can be a time-consuming and even dangerous job. And that’s when you might need tree surgeons.

Why Do I Need a Tree Surgeon

When to Call in the Tree Specialists

These are key signs that you might need experienced tree maintenance:

Your tree is towering over your garden – or your neighbour’s! – and is blocking out light. Perhaps it’s grown too big and is overpowering other planting in the garden, visually or otherwise. Alternatively, perhaps it’s simply looking unkempt and disheveled – this will have a knock-on effect on the rest of the garden, detracting from its appeal.

The tree has become diseased or damaged in bad weather. In this case, safety is an issue – if you own a tree, you’re responsible if broken branches threaten to fall. These can put individuals at risk, or cause damage to other properties, fencing, garden structures or vehicles in the area.

Why Can’t I Maintain It Myself?

There is nothing wrong with attempting a little light pruning yourself when the tree is still young, for instance. But extensive pruning by someone without specialist knowledge can cause more harm than good. It can permanently disfigure the tree’s appearance and even limit its life expectancy.

Then, there’s the risk of danger to life and limb if you need to prune upper branches. Juggling pruning tools, or even worse, a chainsaw while standing on a ladder is just not safe! Hundreds of gardening accidents resulting in hospitalisation or worse happen each year as a result of ill-advised gardening.

Expert tree surgeons know just how much a tree should be pruned, and how. They also have expertise in specialist techniques like crown lifting, crown reduction and crown thinning that can ensure a tree looks its best, thrives and yet doesn’t overpower the garden or its surroundings.

As well as specialist knowledge of tree management, professionals are also fully versed in health and safety. They have the right equipment to scale the heights necessary and carry out the work without risk of accidents.

Finally, they also know when a tree is past saving and can carry out full tree removal or sectional removal of dead, dying or dangerous trees.

We’re here to help whether the trees in your garden need a little TLC or more extensive work. We also deal with other aspects of gardening for residential properties including fencing, hedging and hedge trimming and the design and construction of garden buildings like gazebos and pergolas. If you need land management services on a larger scale, we can handle that too. We undertake woodland management, farmland management, hedge laying and countryside stewardship. Contact expert fencers in Shrewsbury, Fence Tree, today – we work across Shropshire.

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