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Expert Hedge Laying in Shrewsbury and Throughout Shropshire

Hedge laying in Shrewsbury and beyond is a traditional technique designed to manage growth and create a sustainable barrier or perimeter marker that regenerates over time. Left untended, hedges reach maturity and either begin to die back or develop into trees, leaving unsightly gaps and failing to prevent livestock from straying. Fence Tree can carry out expert hedge laying to look aesthetically pleasing while protecting and preserving your property.

Hedge Laying in Shrewsbury

Hedge Laying

  • Manages hedgerows
  • Promotes growth at ground level
  • Provides a secure barrier
  • Offers health & longevity
  • A conservation feature

Why Hedge Laying Is Important

Hedges are generally used across the UK as a means to keep livestock confined within their own safe space – left unrestrained, cattle and sheep can be a danger to themselves, to road users, pedestrians and so on. But each hedge is actually a tree in the making. If the hedge is not properly maintained, it will grow into a line of trees with gaps at the base, allowing farm animals to push through. Hedge laying involves promoting thicker regrowth at ground level by removing dead plants and invading plants that threaten to strangle the hedge at the base. Any excess hedge growth is managed by trimming stems, bending them over and securing them with stakes to encourage growth at ground level. 

While other alternatives to keep stock penned in are available, like barbed wire, for instance, these do not provide the same level of shelter for animals against driving winds and other poor weather conditions. Well-maintained hedges are also an important habitat for wildlife, creating sheltered corridors and food sources for birds and small mammals and so helping conserve the nature and future of the countryside.

Invest in Hedge Laying from Fence Tree

Done properly and regularly trimmed and maintained over the course of time, hedge laying can ensure your hedge remains in good order for up to 50 years. If you want to invest in natural barriers for your farm that will stand the test of time, as well as providing an appealing, natural feature for your land, contact Fence Tree today. With three decades of experience in the business, we offer this and a range of other fencing services for the agricultural industry. Call us today on 01939 260 573 or email us at enquiries@fencetree.co.uk.

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